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Harry Sdraulig was born in Melbourne in 1992. His commissioned works have been performed by ensembles including the Melbourne, Queensland and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestras, Goldner and Orava Quartets, Streeton Trio, Ensemble Q, Hourglass Ensemble, PLEXUS, Syzygy Ensemble, Zelman Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Youth Orchestra, the University of Melbourne's Symphony Orchestra, Wind Symphony and Brass Ensemble, and Ensemble Three, along with performances of numerous other solo and private commissions. He has also received many prizes and scholarships for composition including the Australian Postgraduate Award, Albert Scholarship, Glen Johnston Composition Award (Audience Prize), Adolph Spivakovsky Award, Frank Albert Prize for Music, the 2019 Layton Emerging Composer Fellowship, and the 2020 Fine Music Stefan Kruger Scholarship.

Harry's work may be described as contemporary art music, drawing upon the Western classical music tradition in new ways. Characterised by a tonal but richly chromatic harmonic language, his music is primarily concerned with exploring the limits of tonality, motivated by a desire to expand the musical and expressive possibilities of traditional tonal music. Rarely is a diatonic key identifiable or present, although pitch centres are often achieved, either via assertion or through allusion to tonal structures. Occasionally, a freely atonal style is employed for expressive or dramatic effect. Harry's approach is undoctrinaire and expansive, and may involve the use of triadic harmony or church modes where appropriate. The frequent allusions to tonality and traditional structures in Harry's music ensure a degree of familiarity and accessibility for classically trained musicians and audiences.

Harry's music is published by Wirripang Pty Ltd.QPress, Maestros With A Mission, and the Australian Music Centre for which he is a represented artist. His upcoming projects include new works for the Australia Ensemble, Sydney Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players, Umberto Clerici and Benjamin Kopp, and the Nakamura 40th Anniversary Concert. Harry completed Bachelor of Music (First Class Honours) and Master of Music degrees at the University of Melbourne, and is presently undertaking a Doctor of Musical Arts at the University of Sydney. He currently teaches composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and at Abbotsleigh, where he is permanent Composer In Residence.

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