solo with piano

NIGHTGLOW, for alto saxophone and piano (2018)

c. 6 mins

Program note

Those of us who reside in the big cities will recognise Nightglow – the warm, luminous brown haze that coats the sky on a cloudy evening; a golden streetlamp that casts a dim but steep shadow over the footpath; the moonlight that beams through the curtains. Nightglow is seemingly antithetical to our perception of the darkness of the night, yet inseparable from our reality of it. It has both natural and artificial sources, bothering both nocturnal animals and amateur astronomers alike.  This piece is a musical expression of the colour, mood and sound that such images evoke. The melodic and harmonic palette shades between clarity and ambiguity, with long threads of material being cast through the texture. Nightglow is dedicated to the outstanding Polish duo of Andrzej Karałow and Pablo Sánchez-Escariche Gasch.


  • 18 February 2018; Andrzej Karałow & Pablo Sánchez-Escariche Gasch; Łazienki Palace, Warsaw, Poland



VISIONS of judgement, for tenor and piano (2015)

c. 13 mins

Program note

Visions of Judgement was commissioned by my friend and fine tenor Leighton Triplow. It sets three texts by the 17th-century bishop William Fuller. The three movements (one for each text) run continuously and form an overall structure, both musically and lyrically: 

  1. A Morning Hymn: Thou wakeful shepherd
  2. In the black, dismal dungeon of despair
  3. An Evening Hymn: Now that the sun hath veil'd his light


  • 27 November 2015; Leighton Triplow & Julian Wilkins; University of Birmingham, UK
  • 11 December 2015; Leighton Triplow & Chad Vindin; High Commission of Australia, London, UK
  • 22 February 2016; Leighton Triplow & Leigh Harrold; Melba Hall, Victoria
  • 10 May 2016; Leighton Triplow & Rhodri Clarke; live broadcast 3MBS Melbourne
  • 8 June 2016; Kyle Stegall & Stephen McGhee; Berkeley, CA, USA
  • 4 September 2016; Kyle Stegall & Rhodri Clarke; live broadcast 3MBS Melbourne
  • 4 September 2016; Kyle Stegall & Rhodri Clarke; Music in the Round, Melbourne, Victoria



Movement II from Visions of Judgement


Leighton Triplow, who commissioned the work, has written an excellent article

Visions of Judgement formed part of my MMus (Melbourne) thesis, which includes an introductory analysis of the work and perusal score

Fantasia, for horn and piano (2015)

c. 9 mins

program note

This piece was composed for my dear friend and fine hornist, Alden Cai. Cast in a single movement, Fantasia explores alternation between two contrasting states – one of rugged energy, and the other of tranquillity and solitude. These states are not in conflict but run in parallel, sharing the same thematic material.


  • 19 June 2015; Alden Cai & Rhodri Clarke; Australian National Academy of Music, Melbourne, Victoria
  • 28 August 2015; Alden Cai & Rhodri Clarke; Australian National Academy of Music, Melbourne, Victoria

score sample and media


Excerpt from Fantasia for horn and piano

sonata for flute and piano (2014)

c. 14 mins

Published by Wirripang (ISMN 9790720172644)

Program note

The Sonata for Flute and Piano was completed in September 2014 and is dedicated to my partner, flautist Kim Falconer. With this piece, it was my intention to compose a work of virtuosic demand for both instrumentalists, full of contrast and containing a wide variety of expression to give the performers an opportunity to showcase the breadth of their musicality. 

The work is in four movements. A mysterious, introverted Prelude precedes a humorous, flickering dance, entitled Badinerie. The third movement, a more expansive and outwardly expressive Romanza, is followed by the Finale: a fast, virtuosic show-piece to round off the work.


  • 20 October 2014; Kim Falconer & Andrew Frampton; Melba Hall, Victoria
  • 23 October 2014; Kim Falconer & Leigh Harrold; Melba Hall, Victoria
  • 28 August 2015; Kim Falconer & Rhodri Clarke; Australian National Academy of Music, Melbourne, Victoria
  • 9 September 2015; Kim Falconer & Rhodri Clarke; Australian National Academy of Music, Melbourne, Victoria
  • 22 July 2018; Hourglass Ensemble; Wesley Music Centre, ACT
  • 28 July 2018; Hourglass Ensemble; Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, NSW

score sample and media


Flute Sonata premiere performance