Full list of works

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Colourscapesfor orchestra (2018)

Vortexfor orchestra (2018)

Nightglow, for alto saxophone and piano (2018)

Summer Ballad, for flugelhorn, violin and piano (2017)

Aubade, for trumpet, trombone and electric guitar (2017)

Crossway, for symphony orchestra (2017)

Joybox, for piano trio (2017)

Hymnus Ad Astra, for wind symphony (2017)

Windsongfor flute and guitar (2017)

Prismsfor flute, violin and piano (2016)

Evocationsfor clarinet, violin and piano (2016)

Winter, for flute and cello (2016)

Concerto for Trombone and Wind Symphony (2016)

Elegy 'In Memoriam Peter Sculthorpe' , for strings and percussion (2015)

Sinfonietta, for chamber orchestra (2015)

Visions of Judgementfor tenor and piano (2015)

Fantasia, for horn and piano (2015)

Fanfare for Eight Trumpets (2015)

Sonata for Flute and Piano (2014)

kaleidoscopefor chamber orchestra (2014)

Balladefor flugelhorn and organ (2014)

Spells, for brass ensemble (2013)

Divertimento, for brass quintet (2013)